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Simosys.com, the independent authority on Search vendors, assists businesses looking for the best digital agencies in the online marketing industry. Through in-depth vendor analysis and client evaluations our research team has identified the best agencies which offer a variety of digital marketing solutions.

simosys.com has identified five key areas most important for digital agencies:

  • customer involvement

  • project analysis

  • customer support

  • design standards

  • interactivity

The first key aspect focuses on customer involvement. Our research team analyzes the channels and methods utilized by the agency to have their client's team involved in the creating of their digital marketing campaigns. Does the agency ensure that their client's latest endeavours are a part of the digital marketing strategy?

The second key aspect looks into project analysis. How well does the agency perform an analysis of their client in order to create the best possible digital marketing campaign specific to their needs? What strategies and methodologies are utilized to ensure the client is getting the best value out of their digital marketing?

The third key aspect delves into customer support. What channels does the agency make available to handle the questions and concerns of their clients outside of the involvement aspect? How quick are they able to resolve the issues or concerns of their clients?

The fourth element within the evaluation process includes the design standards utilized by the agency. How does the agency approach the design of various marketing collateral or advertisements within the campaigns? How does the agency approach implementing branding initiatives and the products and services of the client?

The final area of evaluation fopcuses in interactivity. This refers to the ability for the agency to craft interactive elements within their digital marketing activities to grow engagement, often for the purpose of increasing conversion rates.

SEO can be applied to many different businesses via a process which consistently produces favourable results. Simosys’s objective is to eliminate the risk of your online marketing with thorough research and specific service models. We help potential clients make informed decisions before we set out to achieve their goals.

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