Your online reputation is important!

It’s way too easy for some crackpot to just post anything they want online to make you look like a monster. There are ways to get those bad reviews removed if they broke a rule when they did their post. These include telling something that is demonstrably untrue and you would be surprised at how often that happens.

Removing them is ideal but even if that’s not possible it is possible to increase your good reviews by making it easier for your customers to post them. We can provide a single link for you to give to your satisfied customers that spreads their reviews among the highest ranked review sites to improve your overall reputation score. If when someone searches the name of your business you get Google suggested searches that are harmful to your company you need to deal with those right now. You have no idea how many people are seeing that and just not even visiting your site. These suggested searches take some time to get solved so you need to act right away.

The prevalence of social media is a fact of life. Regardless of how you personally feel about websites like Facebook and Twitter, a successful online marketing strategy must account for the importance of allowing your customers to connect with and through your business online. Part of that means simply being visible and responsive on these social media sites, which Simosys SEO Firm can help your business do through our Social Media Optimization services. However, an equally important part is recognizing that customers’ thoughts and opinions about your business are going to be available online whether you acknowledge them or not.

A business’s online reputation matters much more than most business owners realize. In one survey, only 95% of respondents said that they had used the internet to research a purchase at least once in 2011. 85% said that they did so regularly. What those customers found online was more than just a list of company websites. They found comments and reviews by customers like them posted on websites like Google and Facebook, often without the knowledge or permission of the company being reviewed.

Whether you know it or not, customers are talking about your business

If your business is currently associated with negative online reviews, many potential customers may well have decided not to do business with you. 80% of people say that they will opt out of a purchase after reading just one negative review online. Those people were actively looking for and considering doing business with your company, and their decision not to purchase therefore represents a substantial loss in your potential growth and revenue. Can you imagine what a difference it would make if you were able to actually bring in every customer who looked you up online?

Modern business owners in Indiana have been given a great opportunity, but many do not know how to take advantage of it. Your customers want to talk about your business with friends on websites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. With help from Simosys SEO Firm, you can make it easier for them to find and interact with you on these websites so they can spread the word about your quality products and services to their friends. You can also work quickly to resolve any negative reviews or complaints before they have the opportunity to turn any customers away.

Simosys Online Reputation Management magnifies your voice in the debate.

Whether your business is a virtual unknown online or a few upset customers have posted dozens of negative reviews, we will take charge of your reputation and help you make the most of it. As always, our Online Reputation Management starts with research. We find any website profiles that may already exist for your company, whether they are current, outdated, or completely empty. Because duplicate profiles can confuse potential customers and make your business hard to find, we always seek to take control of existing profiles before creating new ones.

We then take steps to maximize the potential benefit of positive customer reviews and minimize the impact of negative reviews. This involves strategies like helping positive reviews move to the top of the listing so that they are the first thing a viewer sees when they search for your company. We do not delete negative reviews, but instead “push” them down to the bottom of the pile so that your positive reviews have a chance to shine upfront. We also encourage responding to and trying to resolve any concerns raised by these negative reviews, which demonstrates your company’s responsiveness and helps increase customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win.

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